Creekside Racquet Club


May 8, 2020

Well Hello Pickleball Players!

We are excited to host you this winter for pickleball but as you all know, we are in a very strange and challenging time. With this being said, I wanted to make sure you all didn't get any miscommunication with the Covid-19 restrictions for our facility at Creekside. He is the bottom line:

Anyone that is suspected to be sick or is sick should STAY HOME!!! Don't put others at RISK!

1) NO MASKS are required to be worn if the large bay doors are open.

2) With the doors closed, we are considered an indoor facility and masks must be worn at ALL times. Masks must be worn properly covering both the nose and mouth!!!

2) I usually do drilling on Tu/Th and will be postponing those until the weather gets better or restrictions from Covid-19 are reduced. Thus I will OPEN Tu/Th from 12noon-4:00pm for MEMBERS ONLY!!! I selected this time because there is a better chance to have the doors open with warmer weather. Two courts for Social players and two courts for all others. I am doing this because I know how valuable an indoor facility is during the winter....there are not many in the area.

3) You MUST be a Member to participate. No guests allowed. NO ONE CAN BE A NEW MEMBER IN JANUARY OR FEBRUARY so if you want to be a member, I suggest you join NOW (During the month of December). This may change if restrictions are lifted.

4) You MUST place your membership ON HOLD if you do not want to play right now. Contact Norm Weathersby at and complete and submit a Membership Hold Form at the link below. If you do not do this, you will be assessed a $25 Initiation Fee to rejoin the Creekside PB Club.

5) The Women's 3.5 Tournament on Sat., Jan 16th will be postponed until Saturday, February 13th at 5pm-8pm (after the WD 3.0 tournament) Sign up with me by email if you have an interest. Only $15pp I will be on vacation in Florida from Jan 3-Feb 10th, 2021.

6) I am offering SPECIALS on Paddles and Lessons for the Holidays. You can give a $120 gift certificate for 4 Private Lessons or give a $40 gift certificate for one Private Lesson good anytime during this year. ALSO, I have reduced the cost of my ENGAGE PADDLES for the Holidays so NOW is the time to get'em!!!

I certainly appreciate all of you and wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season!!!

Coach Russell